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How do I use the LifeData app?

Click here for an instructional video

How much do I get for my participation?

You will be given a $75 gift card for completion of the in-home survey. You will get up to an additional $20 for completing the mini surveys on your smartphone during the week (total of 28 surveys).  You will receive:

  • $5 for completing 1-10 mini surveys

  • $10 for completing 11-20 mini surveys

  • $15 for completing 21-27 mini surveys

  • $20 for completing all 28 mini surveys

How long will this study last?

SECHURA is a longitudinal study that will transpire over the course of three years. In year 1 (2023-2024), you will be asked to complete an in-home survey. This will be administered by one of our trained field interviewers and take approximately 60 minutes to complete. Immediately after the survey, you will be asked to install the LifeData app on your smartphone (we will provide you a loaner phone if you do not own one). You will use this app to answer 4 mini surveys (~1-3 minutes each) per day for the next 7 days. This will constitute your participation for year 1. You will be re-contact in year 3 (2025-2026) and asked to complete another in-home survey and another 7 days of the smartphone mini surveys. Although we may potentially contact you after year 3 (2025-2026), this will mark the formal end to the study.

Are you a SECHURA participant? See below for commonly asked questions

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Still have questions? Contact Adam Roth ( for more information.


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